January 1, 2009

Puzzles for Postcards Winners

Blog Competition Leaderboard:
Paul O. - 7
Steve C. - 6
Aaron H. - 4
Matt B. - 1

Where Am I? Cambodia (7/19/09): Paul O.
Wacky Jack's Better Chargers (7/12/09): Paul O.
Rhyme Time (6/28/09 & 7/5/09): Steve C.
When Gangster Johnny is Home Alone Anagram (6/22/09): Aaron H.
Consonantless Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors (6/14/09): Paul O.
A Lyrical Anagram From Every Party Since 1981 (6/7/09): Steve C.
Some Kind of... Song VQs (5/24/09 & 5/31/09): Steve C.
Dan's Belt Better Chargers (5/17/09): Steve C.
Gettin' Jiggy Wit' A Statistical Sample Anagram (5/10/09): Aaron H.
Consonantless U.S. Cities (5/5/09): Paul O.
No Dark Clouds By The Cliff Anagram (5/3/09): Matt B.
Familiar Better Charger Sayings (4/28/09): Steve C.
Movie VQs (4/26/09): Paul O.
Consonantless Colors (4/19/09): Aaron H.
The #1 Reason To Get Up In The Morning Anagram (4/12/09): Steve C.
Musical Body Parts Better Charger (4/7/09): Paul O.
Popular Song VQs From the Year 2000 (4/5/09): Aaron H.

Today's Yummy Better Charger (3/29/09): Paul O.

First Postcard Winners:
It's Safe to Say "Seven Dirty Words" is Funnier Than This Anagram (3/15/09 & 3/22/09): Aaron H.
Build Me Up! VQs From a 1987 Movie Classic (3/8/09): Paul O.
The 43rd President's Response to a Millionaire Anagram (3/1/09): Matt B.
1988 Olympics in Hollywood Anagram (2/26/09): Aaron H.