January 4, 2009

She's Pretty and I'm Funny

She's Zhou. I'm Kevin. This is our blog. She's the pretty one and I'm the funny one; that's why I get to write and she gets to look good. In fact right now she's doing Pilates working on that figure, and I'm eating a chili dog and petting a chilly dog. See what I did there?

Normally a blog about our lives would not hold anyone's interest, probably not even our own. That's why for the next eight months we'll try not to subject you to it very often. But on September 10th, that will change. We're going to do something that no one has ever done before: dress up as Lebron James and Joshua Cribbs and travel around the world. Zhou doesn't know about the first part yet - I'm planning on surprising her on September 9th. What better way to start the trip?

This is where you come in. In order to make our travels as interesting and fun as possible, we need help. Because even though I'm technically from China (depending on your definition of "technically"), I've actually been there less than Hadley:

So here's our planned journey:

Newark, New Jersey (don't worry, it gets better from here)
London, England
Nairobi, Kenya
Johannesburg, South Africa
Hong Kong, China
Kathmandu, Nepal
Beijing, China
Tokyo, Japan
Sydney, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Santiago, Chile
Ushuaia, Argentina
Easter Island, Chile
Lima, Peru
Madrid, Spain
Cairo, Egypt
London, England
Newark, New Jersey

This list is going to serve three purposes: (1) It is a teaser about how cool we're going to be soon, (2) It provides a chance for you to help us become cooler (we'll get back to this one) and (3) If you play your cards right, part of it could serve as your next vacation too!

Back to part (2). Below this post, you'll have a chance to impart little bits of wisdom from your previous travels to the cities mentioned above. However, we should probably clear something up now. DO NOT leave comments about the places we're leaving out. We've tried to include all the cool locations in the entire world, but ran out of (a) money, (b) time and (c) round-the-world travel segments. So DON'T DO IT. This may sound harsh, and if you like me less for it, please direct your bits of wisdom at Zhou. Thank you.

[EDIT: Please do feel free to comment or send us an email about the places on the above list, or places within 114.5 miles from the geographical centers of aforementioned cities.]

While we have your attention, please feel free to take a gander at our site (and also offer ways to improve it). In order to keep track of where we are in the world, we've put up a handy dandy world map for your reference. Although it may appear that we are currently fat enough to occupy the entire Southeast America (you may think it odd that we had to clarify "America," but that will be necessary before you know it), we are actually just in Charlotte right now.

Also note our fun little interactive poll. If all goes well, we will change the question every now and then, but only if people vote and show interest. We've already submitted one vote to get the ball rolling (think: the Wendy's tip jar that for some reason is full but you know couldn't have come from customers because the service was horrible, even though the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger was beyond delicious).

It may seem odd that there's a steepandcheap.com advertisement at the bottom of our blog. Don't worry, we wouldn't dare pay for a free blog that insisted on advertisements that clutter our page. We put that there ourselves. No, we didn't sell our souls to Mr. Steep and Mrs. Cheap. If you must know, we put that there because we read our own blog all the time, and we love the deals they have (although we've never bought anything). Hopefully you'll decide to lighten your wallet there too.

There you have it. An introduction to our journey, and more. We hope this tidbit whets (not wets) your appetite for us to keep posting. Because as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito said in that movie about twins, "We'll be back."


  1. So I havent traveled to any of these countries but my darling baby sister has been to London and returned with a million (ok so hundreds) of photos. Although it rained a lot when she went, the buildings are incredibly beautiful. I hope you both have an amazing adventure.
    Keep Smiling!

  2. Kevin, i thought i had a "sneak peak" but obviously, Jenni had a "sneaker peak" or is it a "sneak peaker"? Nevertheless, I want to come. I will be good. I won't tell too many jokes; I'll cook, clean, bodyguard, and will do other work for travel. These days, it is still cheaper to book a ticket for me inside a suitcase as opposed to first class, so you may want to look into that. I'll start dieting so your suitcase won't be too heavy.

  3. Why is there no picture of Kevin?

  4. Kevin, I just stumbled across this from Tina's blog - this is pretty much the most awesome thing ever.

    Without rambling on forever, what were you thinking of doing in Johannesburg? Having just returned from South Africa, I thought I'd ask before I broke rule (2) and started making suggestions!

  5. Yes, what does this Kevin fellow look like?

    approximately how long are you staying at each place? and i want to go too... maybe i'll just race you guys to China.

  6. yes, why is there a picture of hadley and not kevin??

  7. Have you even SEEN "Twins"? Seriously...?!

  8. A memorable side trip from Madrid is the old capital city of Toledo - take the Renfe train, it's a beautiful ride from Madrid to Toledo, and you will experience classical Spain, a fort city on top of the hill, surrounded by the city walls and the river...check out the magnificent cathedral as well as the El Greco museum and don't forget to eat...local cuisine is tasty and satisfying!

  9. pretty awesome itinerary! might i suggest at least ONE stop in southeast asia? perhaps siem reap (cambodia) to see angkor wat or the lovely town of luang prabang (laos)? you'll have a great time!

  10. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/01/11/travel/20090111_DESTINATIONS.html?8dpc

    44 places to go in 2009 as pronounced by my favorite newspaper of all time!!!! and please note that Dallas is on the list :)

  11. I saw Toledo, as someone mentioned, it is pretty sweet. And by the way, that is one sexy picture of Hadley. Why was I wearing Zhou's shirt again? I mean, why was he wearing Zhou's shirt? And wasn't that like the day he met her, give or take a week? He must really have balls to put on a near stranger's clothes in front of her.