July 5, 2009

A Taste of Things to Come

Since we're no longer working for an income (but we still have two paychecks left to come in!), Zhou and I have spent the last week on the road visiting friends and relatives. We've been up and down the East Coast soaking in new experiences and taking pictures of cool landmarks such as our doctor friend standing next to someone else's car.

(If you own this car, Jing is just fake touching it)

In honor of this mini faux world traveling we're doing, we've decided to try our post-a-day strategy for the next three days.

To set your level of anticipation: travel posts will be shorter than what we've been doing, but the ratio of pictures to words will be much higher. If you do the math (p = 1,000w), this means that the amount of content in each post will be similar to what you're used to, but your brain will have to process it differently. Hopefully you can handle this.

Also, our signoffs will start becoming a little different, as we won't have a new postcard puzzle every day, and as we travel we will not keep the Scrabble stats quite as detailed in the blog. We'll have to come up with something else to finish our posts so we can focus more of the time on the post itself.

As a sneak peak of things to come, below is a picture of something that happened on our road trip this week. Can you guess what is happening out of the three choices below?

(1) Zhou and I were driving down I-95 when a large bird pooped on our windshield, right in the driver's line of sight. After pulling off the road and trying the wipers for several minutes, we realized we needed to get to a car wash of some sort. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of nowhere, so at the next exit the only place we found was this house. After washing the windshield, I offered to clean their windows as a token of our appreciation.

(2) While walking around DC, Zhou heard a pitiful meow in a tree by the pictured house. We looked up, and a cat was dangling from one of the limbs with its back paw caught in the tree. As I climbed up to get the cat down, the owner of the house shouted from the window to find out what I was doing. I explained the situation and gave the lady her cat back. Surprisingly, she was not all that grateful...

(3) We were running low on cash, and ATM fees are too expensive to even think about withdrawing anything these days. Fortunately, I noticed this open window in a back alley in Charlottesville. Having not eaten for the entire day, I was desperate. I took a quick peek in the window and saw a couple dollars sitting on the desk inside. It looked like no one was around, so I stealthily reached inside for the cash. You should see the next picture Zhou took. (PS - we later were able to eat at McDonald's.)

Answer to come in one of this week's posts.

Puzzles for Postcards (list of winners):

Rhyme Time (solve THREE of four):
(Note: Aaron got the first one correct, and the third one isn't a perfect rhyme, although according to rhymezone it is.)

One Who Enchants Corn Growers
The Superlative Look
A Place Where Groups of Advisors Gather
One Who Values Jackets for a Living

Scrabble Games: 55 (full log)
Zhou WPLB: 28; 367; 315; SENIlES
Kevin WPLB: 27; 368; 397; sETTINGS

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  1. Farmer Charmer
    Supreme Beam
    Board Ward
    Blazer Appraiser

    I know two are right (1 and 4). The other two seem to work.