April 28, 2009

Getting to Know Kevin (Part 2)

...continued from Sunday.

(8) Secret celebrity crush:

He tries to hide it, but I know he has a thing for Kate on “Lost.” And I guess I can’t really blame him.

I don’t try to hide this at all! And she left off Jennifer Aniston, but that’s probably because if you don’t have a crush on Jennifer Aniston, you must not be breathing.

(9) Most idiotic moment:

Senior year of college, Kevin and I were watching a comedy show by Henry Cho that AASA had sponsored. We were sitting next to each other. (Please note that at this point, Kevin and I had been dating for two years, and the crowd was filled with people we knew.) Henry has just gotten to his “get to know the audience” bit and asked Kevin what he was going to do after graduating, and then he asked me what I was going to do after graduating. After we both told him we were going to work for Wachovia, he then turned to Kevin and said, “So are you two dating?” (Remember: at this point, we had been together for over two years and all of my loyal and loving roommates were sitting on the other side of me in the same row). We all turned to look at Kevin. He looked at me. Then he looked at Henry. “No.”

Later, when asked why he said this, he told me he thought that Henry was going to make a joke out of it. I ask you, HOW would that have been funny?

Sadly, none.

(10) Weirdest habit:

Kevin doesn’t have any very weird habits, but he has a few that are a little weird. He always has to plug in his iPod in the car even if we’re just going to be in the car for five minutes. If Charlie is sitting on his lap, he won’t get up unless she does first. He takes 15 minutes to brush his teeth (this is why he has receding gums). He wears his sunglasses even when it’s dark enough that he’s turned on the car lights.

It’s weird – I know I have a lot of weird habits, but just can’t think of any on the spot. I think brushing my teeth while watching an entire Friends rerun is right up there, and some people say that dipping Wendy’s fries in Frosty is weird.

(11) Best sports moment:

Since I’ve only been told this story and didn’t see it actually happen, the details will be all wrong a little fuzzy. Kevin was playing in the last fourth position (I have been informed that there are no “positions” in golf, but it is my story, so there are) for his golf team in high school. They were at the regional finals. He had not been having a very good day, and was frustrated from having hit several bad shots. He came up on the 18th hole in a foul mood, not knowing that he would have to par birdie this last hole to take the lead and win it for his team. … [some stuff happens that I don’t really remember] … He then has a 10-foot 15-foot 25-foot putt to win it for his team. The crowd is silent with anticipation. His head is still cloudy from all those missed shots, and he hasn’t made a putt all day, but somehow this one rolls towards the flagstick and goes in! The crowd goes wild!! He then realizes that he has single-handedly saved The Columbus Academy golf team from losing to their hated rivals. He is carried off the field by all of his fans. They later go on to the state tournament, which they lose.

Most of this story is pretty well described by Zhou. The only major edit that I have is that we got fourth in States. I suppose this technically is a loss since we didn’t win, but it’s not like we got 16th out of 16. Oh, and I would like to say there was a bigger crowd at Regionals than Zhou depicted, but I suppose to keep this factual, you could hardly call it a crowd. It was just my teammates and some other random golfers and parents.

(12) Previous international travel experience:

Well, let’s see. Kevin has never been to Europe. Or even Canada. But we’ve been to the Bahamas and Jamaica. And Kevin at least knows the names of all the countries, (thanks to Yakko’s World), which is more than I can say for myself.

Eh? I have been to Canada, thank you very much.

(13) Thing Kevin is most proud of:

Hmm – this is a toughie. It’s probably knowing all the lyrics to every Animaniacs song ever. That or knowing the plotline of every single episode of Home Improvement.

Although I am very proud of knowing the lyrics to many Animaniacs songs (most notably Yakko’s World, as mentioned in question 12), the proudest moment in my life had to be the following:

They were having a sale on abacus stones at Toys R Us, and since mine were getting worn from all the use, I couldn’t pass it up. The problem was, this caused me to miss Jeopardy! (this was back in the old days, before DVR). Fortunately my brother was able to catch it, and he liked the Final Jeopardy question so much that he let me have a crack at it in the car later that night.

Steve: “The U.S. company now with the largest revenue is located in this state, which has the lowest per capita income.”
Me: “Hmmm… I’ll go with Washington”
Steve: “Wrong, but one of the contestants did guess that. Guess again.”
Me: “Ok, how about Georgia?”
Steve: “Wrong again, but another contestant guessed that. One more try.”
Me: “I have no idea then… Arkansas?”
Steve: “Yep, that’s it! The third contestant got it. The company is Wal-Mart.”

Based on this sample, I am as smart as every person to ever appear on Jeopardy! (therefore by transitivity, I am as smart as everyone in the world). Not only that, but I am so smart that I didn’t get this right on the first or second try, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to match all three answers. However, I didn’t expect Zhou to pinpoint this as my proudest moment, so both her answers were very good.

As a side note – this episode of Jeopardy aired on November 1, 2002. I looked it up.

(14) Favorite personality trait of Zhou:

Hmm – this is by far the hardest one to answer. I think it’s that I push him to do and try things that would normally be out of his comfort zone (please see: dancing the hula, dancing in general, emcee-ing ANYF 2007, eating granola bars, eating yellowfin tuna, wearing jeans, etc).

While I do like that about her, when I’m trying the nasty foods she imposes on me, I don’t like it as much. I think my favorite part about Zhou is her drive and work ethic, and the fact that once she decides what she’s going to do, she does it. For this round-the-world trip we’ll embarking on in a few months (we may have mentioned it before), I am not worried about anything because she has done such a good job researching and planning. When she goes to grad school following the trip, I have no doubt that she will rise to the top of her class. And once she graduates, I am planning on retiring early because she’ll make millions of dollars, because who wouldn’t want Zhou working for them?

Puzzles for Postcards (list of winners):

Familiar Better Charger Sayings:
Old Tan Nut
I Bind It Tie Land
Sang But No Day

Scrabble Games: 40 (full log)
Zhou WPLB: 22; 368; 427; DOWnTIME, ASININE
Kevin WPLB: 18; 363; 461; MEANEST, PAgODAS, BROODING


  1. That was a bad moment, Kevin. I guess you will never live it down.

  2. Odd Man Out
    A Bird In The Hand
    Hang Out To Dry

    That took awhile.

    For having such a poor memory, I'm surprised that you remember a Jeopardy question from 7 years ago. I actually remember the question as well, just not all the answers. And it wasn't a key moment in my life.

  3. I remember you saying that you weren't dating. That was DEFINITELY a big mistake. Tisk tisk.