January 1, 2009

1,000 Visitor Extravaganza Contest

As initially explained in our 1,000 Visitor Extravaganza Post!, this is our 1,000 Visitor Extravaganza Contest.


This contest will consist of five questions, each with a numerical answer. Each question will be graded individually, from first place to last place. For example, if 1,324 people answer question one, and you are 176th closest, then you get 176 points.

We add your rankings on each of the five questions, and the person with the lowest total score wins! Also, as an added bonus, if you get a question exactly right you get a five point deduction from your total score. So if only two people respond, then that almost guarantees you the victory!

(1) How many miles will Kevin and Zhou fly?
(2) How many hours will Kevin and Zhou spend on buses, trains and the Eurail combined?
(3) How many pictures will Kevin and Zhou take?
(4) How many games of Scrabble will Kevin and Zhou play?
(5) How many new foods will Kevin eat?

Matt B.36,4225632,3741028
Kevin's Mom16,0133,6155,6502135

1 comment:

  1. Despite the fact that living in a house with the three rather competitive gamesmen (board, athletic and anything where the score matters, that is) ensured me fourth place in all challenges, this is one I can come in first for the Curry family (since I checked the list of submitted responses first). It seems to me that these answers don't require a mental giant, so, here goes.

    1. 16,013
    2. 3615
    3. 5650
    4. 213
    5. 5 (that's how many Kevin tried while at home the first 18 years of his life. I'm counting on you, Zhou!)