July 12, 2009

Unraveling the Traveling

Less than eight weeks to go 'til we'll be on the road
If by road I mean plane over water
Me and Zhou will then go where our load will be towed
Through a country that couldn't be hotter

We'll do a safari, maybe pet baby rhinos
And forage the forest for apes
The goal is to know each rhino by nose
Take lots of pictures and then escape!

I can't wait to check out Ngorongoro
And greet all the African villagers
One thing though me and Zhou will forgo:
Meeting the pirates and pillagers

From there we'll fly to Asia, our homeland
Making our way on Cathay
For me to call it "my homeland" Zhou banned
Since I'm born and raised U.S.A.

We'll have a ball for three weeks in Nepal
Hiking a trek near Mount Everest
It's quite long so let's not crawl or stall
A leg-breaking fall and we'll never rest

In Southeast Asia with the Gibbons we'll fly
And I'll have to learn to eat curry
"It's cannibalism!" I'll cry with a tear in my eye
But as they say: with beef curry, no worry

If I don't die we'll move North and then South
The Great Wall on down to New Zealand
On the skydive: bugs, stay out of my mouth
The pee in my pants I'll claim we planned

On the move again to that bunny guy's island
We'll hang with incredible Moai
We can't drive there by land, but let's hope for dry sand
Zhou, I'll wear sunscreen so no fry

I won't try to hide our Argentinian plans
Patagonian rafting, biking and hiking
In Peru we'll scan all the rainforest clans
The monkeys should be to Zhou's liking

Maybe we'll hop as we go to Galapagos
Sadly, not with Trebek
Saving the turtles, we'll be sure to stop a roast
At last a good deed on this trek

Finally in Europe the journey will end
My brain can't retain that far away
But you can depend that the trip will be penned
And logged on our blog each day

So what will I learn through this upcoming journey?
A whole new perspective on life
I'll be with my best friend just like Bert and Ernie
My best friend who's also my wife


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Scrabble Games: 55 (full log)
Zhou WPLB: 28; 367; 315; SENIlES
Kevin WPLB: 27; 368; 397; sETTINGS


  1. By far the easiest one yet :)

    The Way You Make Me Feel
    The Lady In My Life
    You Are Not Alone

  2. Adorable, Kevin! Can't wait to see you two!!!