February 15, 2009

Thai House Special: Zhou Zhang Curry

The reason that I have yet to write a post for this blog has already been detailed in post #1 by Kevin. I know what's funny, even though I'm not funny myself, and Kevin knows what's pretty, even though he's not pretty himself.

However, we are both pretty competitive, which sometimes leads to a lot of sighs (me) and some tears (also me) when engaged in a particularly intense game of Scrabble. But that's another post altogether. So anyhow, that's why he has main blogging duties while I get to sit in front of the TV and watch "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" marathons (Colin had a puffy eye, but don't worry, it wasn't anything serious. Leah does not need glasses).

Anyway, this won't be quite as coherent as the last posts; instead, it's just going to be a list of some things that have been going on in our lives lately, some of it travel-related, some of it not.

(Note: when I told Kevin I was going to write an only-sort-of-travel-related post for the blog, he said, and I quoth, "this is scary, so vague.")

1. For those of you wondering how we decided to take a year off and travel, the answer is: I'm not sure. We had talked about it for awhile, but I can't remember how that started, and the next thing you know, I was calling my credit card company to ask for an increase in my credit line so I could afford to buy the plane tickets.

2. When I got out of the shower this morning, I was greeted by Charlie calmly chewing on a clean pair of underwear (mine, not hers, though she does have a couple of sweaters and a Santa hat) that she had tugged out of the bin from my closet.

3. After I told my dad that Kevin and I would get married before we went traveling around the world, he replied, "Good. In some countries, you should probably be married." Cryptic, no?

4. Last week, Kevin and I made some delicious green bean casserole a la Alton Brown. You should make some too. I would recommend substituting a stick of butter and half a cup of milk for the half and half. It's much fattier that way.

5. I've been thinking a lot lately about whether or not to change my name after Kevin and I get married. As my maid of honor so considerately said to me, "It sounds like a Thai special! Zhou Zhang Curry!" This was followed by unbridled laughter (her) and cringing (me). My roommate (who is also a bridesmaid, mind you) has a new favorite joke, which is, "Is that my curry? No, that Zhou curry!" This statement is also followed by uncontrolled laughter (her) and ridiculous grinning (Charlie). You can see I have some very supportive friends. Anyway, all joking aside, I am still on the fence on the whole name-changing issue, and I'd appreciate any thoughts on the subject. I thought I had pretty much decided to just stick with my own name, but I know I'd be sad to sign my name on my kids' permission slips when it wouldn't be the same as theirs.

6. Speaking of kids, Naz (roommate of "No, that's Zhou curry" fame) refers to me as "Mamma Zhou" when talking to Charlie. Kev, don't you think that sounds nice?

7. I'm a bit nervous about the prospect of the two of us indoorsy folks doing the Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal, which is a gazillion-mile trek (slight exaggeration). But I figure if things get really tough, we can just turn around and play Scrabble instead! (So I got my little butt kicked pretty badly in the last game we played, but don't worry, I'll be back...)

Games: 8 (full log)
Zhou wins; points per game; points last game (WPL): 5; 359; 345
Kevin WPL: 3; 354; 479
Zhou Bingos last game: MENdERS (74)
Kevin Bingos last game: PrEHEAT (78)

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  1. Zhou Curry, Zhou Zhang, or Zhou Zhang Curry... hmmm... As a traditional gentleman, and given that you don't have a middle name anyways, I say upgrade to three names from two, so switch to Zhou Zhang Curry. Its up to you though.

    It was great to finally read some of your writing. I'm glad to see you still remember how to, I have to reteach myself every day.